Hoellentalklamm | © Tourist-Information Grainau, Foto: Wolfgang Ehn

THE HÖLLENTAL GORGE (hell's valley gorge)

An adventure in nature - Impressing as hell

The Höllentalklamm, filled with the white waters of the Hammersbach torrent, shows canyons up to 150 meters in depth. Numerous waterfalls, enormous rock and ice chunks as well as gently winding paths, bridges and tunnels will amaze you again and again.
In the 19th century the mining plant at the Höllental Valley was used for the extraction of bing (lead). Later, during World War I, a raw material called molybdenum which served as refiner for steel - was digged out. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Höllentalklamm was made accessible for hiking tourists by the (famous) engineer Adolf Zoeppritz.


The Höllentalklamm is a section of many mountain tours, also for higher peaks, such as the Osterfelderkopf (peak in the Alpspitz area) and for the really challenging ascension of the Zugspitze.

The gorge is easily to enter and is ca. 1 kilometer in length. It includes partially difficult parts walking through electrically illuminated tunnels.

Start for this tour:

Obergrainau(er) Dorfplatz (town square) or the „Wanderparkplatz“(parking lot for hikers, metered) at Hammersbach

Follows the signs from the Neuner Alm to the Klammeingangshütte (entrance hut to the gorge) at 1,047 m a.s.l. You will reach it after ca. 1 till 1 1/2 hours. It’s a perfect sit to get refreshed with coffee and cake. The, you walk on through a rock tunnel (electrified) as well as across footbridges and rock steps. After ca. 45 minutes you reach the end of the gorge at 1,193 meters a.s.l.

Not tired yet? Just follow the path up to the Höllentalangerhütte (alm hut). The wide-opened and green bottom of the Höllental valley gives you a breathtaking view to the Waxenstein Mountains, the cliffs of the Riffel Mountains and the Höllentalferner Glacier and the Zugspitze which is piling up behind at 2,962 m. a.s.l.

You fill find more detailed descriptions on our tours' portal Tourenportal.


  • Tight and ankle-high hiking boots with solid grip soles, as well as rain-/waterproof and warm cloth are mandatory. Even in summer, the inside temperature of the gorge will be cold.
  • Bulky items such as strollers/push chairs, bikes of any kinds are not allowed.
  • The Höllentalklamm is part of the Alpine mountain habitat. Therefore, awareness and caution are highly demanded. It would be very reasonable to secure children by using a rope or a karabiner.  


The summer season of the Höllentalklamm, the  Höllentalklamm-Eingangshütte (entrance hut) and the  Höllentalangerhütte starts ca. by the end of May (depending on snow/ice at this time).

The Höllentalklamm is closed in Winter


Per  Person (Entrance & Return)

Adults: 4,00 EUR
Guests with valid Guest card: 2,00 EUR
Kids: 1,00 EUR
DAV-Mitglieder (members of German Alpine Association): 1,00 EUR
Groups: 2,00 EUR

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