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Lonely rails, soft forest floor, expansive views of the blue lakes...

You can discover the fantastic area around Bavaria-Tyrol border and the Zugspitze from a new perspective on the run. Choose your favourite route from a total of seven signposted loop trails of different lenghts and levels of difficulty - from 8 to 44 kilometres and 200 to 2030 metres in altitude. 

The beginning and end of all routes is in Ehrwald at the valley station of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Cableway (Ehrwald-Obermoos) and in Grainau at Grainau Kurhaus in the village centre.
This trail running route arould the Zugspitze was planned and expanded across the border in cooperation with the municipality of Ehrwald and the Zugspitz village Grainau, with funding by the European Regional Development Fund.

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen you will also find perfect opportunities to participate in the current trail running trend on tried-and-tested tours: The route along the Kramerplateau trail is just right for beginners; the routes from Garmisch via St.-Martins-Hut to Königstand or the local district of Partenkirchen on the Wank Mountain are quite demanding. The difficult route via Stepberg up to the Kramer summit with its fantastic views is very rewarded and suitable for ambitious and experienced runners in great condition. All information regarding this can be found in the tour planner.

So start running, for your personal pleasure - an increased heart rate is included!


The four routes in Grainau

Grainau-Höhenrain loop (easy) – 8.8 km | 200 m (difference in altitude)

The Höhenrain loop is also suitable for absolute newcomers to the sport of trail running. With moderate ascents and thus even more beautiful views from Höhenrain down to the Zugspitz village of Grainau or the impressive Waxenstein and Zugspitz massif, this easy and rhythmic route will charm you along comfortable hiking trails without any difficult sections.

Grainau-Badersee loop (ambitious) –16 km | 518 m (difference in altitude)

The Badersee loop in Grainau is an ideal trail running route for ambitious beginners in this fascinating sport. With a spectacular start at the entrance of Höllentalklamm gorge, the panorama path under Waxensteinkamm and the pleasant finale past the crystal clear lake Badersee, it offers variety and pure pleasure. Of course, you can also hike as normal.

Grainau-Eibsee loop (challenging) – 22,3 km | 621 m (difference in altitude)

The Eibsee loop goes around this beautifully located mountain lake, mainly along hiking trails without any difficult streches. It is so challenging mainly because of its length and change in altitude that has to be overcome, as a full half marathon distance combined with altitude changes of more than 600 metres uphill and downhill require a strong an experienced runner in great condition.

Grainau-Törlen loop (extreme) – 43.3 km | 1983 m (difference in altitude)

The cross-border Törlen loop from Grainau to Ehrwald and back is the highlight for ambitious, high-performance trail runners. At 43 kilometres and nearly 2000 metres, superior condition is essential and is compensated by the most beautiful, interesting sections of the route that the region has to offer.

The three routes in Ehrwald

Ehrwald-Obermoos loop (easy) - 9.5 km | 554 m (difference in altitude)

The Obermoos loop in Eberwald, suitable for beginners, passes directly below the imposing walls of the Zugspitze massif along varied hiking trails and routes with fantastic views of the Ehrwalder Becken as well as the Lech valley and the Ammergau Alps. First, you go by the Georg Jäger Steig to the beautifully located Galmsalm, along the alpine path and through the beech forest down to Ehrwald, before the final, gentle rise along the paved path leading back into Obermoos and the valley station of the Tyrolean Zugspitze Cableway.

Ehrwald-Glockenschlag loop (difficult) - 15.9 km | 678 m (difference in altitude)

The Glockenschlag loop, at almost 16 kilometres and almost 700 metres, is a challenge for experienced trail runners in great condition. The section of the route, which initially runs slightly downhill and then levels out until the Ponöfen, provides an ideal opportunity to warm up before the climb to the Thörlen. The forest trails up to the Eibsee view on the border between Bavaria and Tyrol allows a fluid running rhythm despite the incline, before beautiful trails and paths directly below the Zugspitze summit lead back to the starting point

Ehrwald-Thörlen loop (extreme) - 43.9 km | 2030 m (difference in altitude)

The cross-border Törlen loop from Ehrwald to Grainau and back is the highlight for all ambitious, high-performance trail runners. At close to 44 kilometres and over 2000 metres, superior condition is essential and is compensated by the most beautiful, interesting sections of the route that the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena and the Bavarian Zugspitz region have to offer. A large section of the route is along the original route of the Zugspitz Ultra Trail.


You can find more information in our special brochures:

Trailrunning in GRAINAU (PDF)
Trailrunning in EHRWALD (PDF)

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