Faq´s Mobile Guestcard

Here you will find the most important questions and answers about the mobile guest card.

You must first give the landlord your e-mail address.

You will then receive the Mobile Card by e-mail from your landlord at the earliest one week before arrival, with a link to download it. The e-mail must be opened on your smartphone. The guest card will then appear on your smartphone screen.

The mobile guest card can only be sent to the guest by e-mail. The guest receives the link at the earliest one week before arrival.

Yes, the guest must first install the Loisl app on their smartphone and enter their user data. As soon as the mobile card is sent by the landlord (at the earliest one week before arrival), it is automatically stored in the Loisl and only needs to be activated by the guest in the menu item Guest Card/Mobile Card.

You must first provide the landlord with your e-mail address.

The download link will be sent to the guest by the landlord after booking the accommodation. The guest will receive this email at the earliest 2 weeks before arrival.

You can also download the Loisl App yourself from the website of the destination you are staying in:



Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena

Yes, but only if they have activated the Mobile Card in the digital holiday companion Loisl.

Yes, the QR code automatically receives the new departure information as soon as the landlord has extended your stay.

However, the printed departure date only updates automatically if you have integrated the Mobile Card in the digital holiday companion Loisl.

If you have integrated the Mobile Card in the Wallet or always call it up via the e-mail link, you can ask your landlord to provide you with a new link otherwise the old departure date will be displayed. However, this has no effect on the validity of the card, only on the visual representation of the card.

In the Loisl app: Call up the menu item Guest Card / Mobile Card. Click on Activate map(s), then the maps can be shared with other travellers via the button below "Share guest map". The map can be shared via Whats App, Bluetooth, e-mail, etc... depending on which functions the smartphone has for this.

Via the button "+ Invite guests", the booking guest can also distribute the mobile map including the free Loisl app to his fellow travellers.

In Loisl: the guest card is automatically removed from Loisl as soon as it expires.

In all other apps, the guest must delete the card themselves.

-Use a normal backlight and not too dark a background so that the QR code can be scanned optimally.

-If the 'Rotate screen' mode is set, the QR code may not be fully displayed on the landscape screen. You will then have to scroll down.

From 00:00 on the day of arrival until 24:00 on the day of departure.