Sennalpe Raaz | Hut, Alm

Visit the unique Sennalpe Raaz in a family-friendly mountain pasture area.

Experience the unique alpine dairy Raaz in a family-friendly alpine area.
The ascent efforts are rewarded with the Zugspitze view.
Other mountain peaks can be climbed from the alp.
Let your soul dangle and spoil with homemade dishes and cakes.
Great playground for children!

For events and info please see the homepage.

Overnight accommodation for 20 persons:
- 2 double rooms
- 1 camp for 8 persons (bunk beds)
- 1 camp for 10 persons (bunk beds)

Walking time from Rinnen (Säge Rauth) approx. 1.5 hrs.
Walking time from Rotlechstausee approx. 2,5 hrs.
Travel time from Rotlechstausee by mountain bike approx. 1.5 hrs.


Sennalpe Raaz