Chapel Höhenrain

on the panorama path Höhenrain

On the grounds of the chapel, fenced in and surrounded by pastures, there are several memorial stones and a stone altar with a large wooden cross. 
The Kruzefix, which the sculptor Karl Buchwieser made from a mighty oak block, is still considered a masterpiece today.
This memorial chapel was built in 1957 by the Veterans and Warriors Association Grainau with the strong assistance of the community of Gainau, the Bavarian State Forestry Administration and numerous citizens according to a plan drafted by Hanns Ostler from Garmisch. The name of the village bear witness to the many Grainauern who died during the hostilities of the unlucky 2nd World War. Every year a sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated, especially for the fallen and missing Grainauer, but also in memory of all other victims of the world wars.


Krieger- und Soldatenkameradschaft
Hansjörg Märkl
Kriegergedächtniskapelle am Höhenrain
82491 Grainau