Stammgäste Rimmlhof

In love at the Rimmlhof in Berwang

First they fall in love with each other, then with their vacation destination and in the end they get married at the Rimmlhof in Berwang: Andrea Meier and Lars Kasigkeit are real regulars of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena.

It was to be a wedding with a view of the summit. "If I get married, then in the mountains," the courted had said. For the skiing and hiking friends Andrea Meier and Lars Kasigkeit, only one place came into question in their search for a suitable location: In the Rimmlhof in the Berwang district of Rinnen, everything just fit together for them and their wedding party. For years now, both have been vacationing there on a regular basis. Andrea, who grew up in Schalke/Gelsenkirchen, has been vacationing with her family at the Rimmlhof in Berwang since she was four years old. Her current husband Lars, a native of Dortmund, has been coming here with her since 2013. And so it also happened that the two celebrated their young marriage together with their friends on the last weekend of spring 2019 in a cheerful hut atmosphere at the Rimmlhof in the middle of the Berwang Valley in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena.

Love goes through the stomach

In addition to the human touch, the culinary touch is also right in their preferred destination: "We both love Tyrolean cuisine, the original, hearty fare." And that is exactly what is served at the Rimmlstube, the restaurant of the Rimmlhof in Berwang. Lars in particular, who usually tends to hold back when it comes to meat dishes, goes into raptures. Especially the saddle of lamb and the veal shank, as well as the game from their own hunt, are among the classics there.

"With every bite, you can taste that the ingredients have been carefully selected and cooked with passion," he says, summing up what convinces him. And immediately adds as a recommendation the "Bäurinnenschmaus", made of homemade Schlutzkrapfen, cheese and spinach dumplings. A praise, which makes landlady Karin Rimml really happy. Because she and her family attach importance to regionality: On the table comes what in the neighborhood of the Rimmlhof in Berwang grew and matured. They have been awarded the distinction "Bewusst Tirol" for this attitude. But the even greater recognition is provided by the enthusiastic guests at the table.

The Rimmlhof and other favorite places

For the sporty partners, it did not stop at skiing in the course of their vacations together at the Rimmlhof in Berwang. When hiking in summer, they enjoy the seclusion of the landscape and the tranquility of the trails. The variety of possibilities open to them in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena is almost limitless. "Nothing must, everything can: We surprise ourselves there wonderfully again and again. Even if we decide quite spontaneously from now to now - it's always right," notes Andrea. For her, the way up to Brand is "indispensable, it makes my heart beat faster."

Otherwise, the two don't want to commit to specific routes. "Precisely the freedom of choice is the beauty here." Whereby a few favorites, which yes also include the Rimmlhof, have already crystallized during the many visits. "The Ehenbichler Alm is definitely a must, as is the Coburger Hütte," Lars tells us. "And to look at the slope between Bichlbach and Berwang, approximately at the height of Kleinstockach, because there are always a lot of chamois to observe."

For Andrea, always a passionate hiker, the inviting refreshments along the way are among the indispensable vacation pleasures: "A visit to the bear pool or the natural lake near Bichlbach works wonders," she says, "and a little rowing trip with the boat on Lake Heiterwang, of course."

Who will be the captain and who will be the rowing guest - the two have not revealed that.