2020 - an extraordinary year, with new life situations to which one still has to get used - is coming to an end.  Many new challenges in everyday life that had to be mastered, personal losses and a completely different way of being together:

Distance instead of rush,

restriction instead of spreading out,

being at home instead of being free and on the road,

indoors instead of outdoors,

screen communication instead of personal conversations

and for people who were used to togetherness, more loneliness.


But it is precisely these restrictions that have given us all more time to listen to each other and to focus on the essentials. And some positive things have developed from this:

Looking instead of looking away,

stopping instead of running away,

taking time instead of wasting time,

resting instead of racing,

remembering instead of forgetting,

helping instead of ignoring.

And for the people who have felt loneliness so far, more togetherness.


This shows us that negative events can also produce positive things if we are there for each other together. We just have to be a little more aware of it. 

That is why we would like to thank all the people who sacrificed their strength and time and risked their health to help others in this difficult year.


Thank you for your tireless efforts, for all the day and night shifts in caring for sick people.

Thank you for the good food that is offered and delivered despite closed restaurants.

Thank you to all those who work despite high health risks so that the care of human needs can always be met

Thanks to all our service partners of the entire Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol, who give their best despite various lockdown phases.

Thank you for all the new ideas and concepts - thank you for not giving up!

Thank you for the togetherness, the togetherness and willingness to be there for people in need.


And last but not least: thank you to our loyal and new guests who visited us this year.

We wish everyone a blessed and merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and above all healthy New Year.

And we are very much looking forward to welcoming you all again in 2021. Because one thing is for sure: the next vacation is coming for sure!

Your team of the Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol