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Namlos, situated in a side valley between the Lech Valley and the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, is one of the smallest communities in Austria. It is popular for its seclusion - and for a special highlight: wildlife watching in Namlos.

Namlos can be reached from two sides - from Stanzach in the Lechtal valley via the Namlos valley and from Berwang through the Zwischentoren valley. With around 100 inhabitants, the mountain village, which is part of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, is small and has preserved its originality in many ways. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, this is the place to be. Alpine nature is within reach at more than 1,200 metres - forests, flowering alpine meadows and green slopes characterise the mountain scenery between Namlos Wetterspitze, Knittelkarspitze and Engelspitze. Wildlife watching in Namlos is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences here.

Tyrol's largest alpine village

One of the most popular hikes takes about one and a half hours from Namlos up to the alpine village of Fallerschein at 1,300 metres. With more than 40 rustic huts, it is considered the largest alpine village in Tyrol, and two snack stations provide refreshments with traditional specialities. The biggest attraction in Fallerschein is the wildlife observation station located above the hamlet. The region is known for its abundance of game, especially red deer. The reason: the lush and untouched mountain meadows, which, rarely mown, can blossom naturally and are therefore full of tasty herbs.

Wildlife observation in Namlos: Several dozen deer

Especially in the months of June and July, the red deer cavort here; with luck, several dozen capital stags can be seen. It is not until the rutting season in autumn that the deer scatter again in the surrounding forests. The observation station is so far away from the grazing areas that visitors do not disturb the game. For this purpose, it brings them close to a telescope; it is advisable to bring binoculars yourself. An information point provides information about the life of red deer in the region.

Suspension bridge in the forest

By the way: The path from Namlos to Fallerschein already has a special feature in store - the Namlos suspension bridge, built in 2013, over the gorge of the Namlos stream, 40 metres long and 20 metres high. Here you will find a well-developed hiking and climbing trail through the forest, which guarantees a bit of a thrill when looking down on the rushing stream.