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Three variants for the perfect punch bowl

Yes, it does exist: the perfect punch. And to make sure there's something for everyone, we've put together three recipes. Cheers!

The holidays are approaching and with them the question: What's for dinner? Many families take advantage of the free time and plan an elaborate meal for Christmas and New Year's Eve: three courses, appetizer, main course, dessert - and ideally the remaining cookies afterwards (we had already collected a few recipes for this). But what is often forgotten are the drinks. And there are so many great options. We've put together three punch bowl variations that you should definitely try this year. There's plenty of time between Christmas and New Year's Eve, and thanks to the lockdown, you don't have to go outside that much. So 2020 is the best year to try something new, right?

The classic: the fruity punch

We start with a classic fruity punch - but in a very subtle version. Citrus fruits meet cranberries or pomegranate seeds, depending on what you can buy at the supermarket around the corner. It is topped up with a little vodka and a bottle of white wine. Then it's time to let it steep. The punch should be left in the refrigerator for at least two hours so that it can develop its full flavor. In general, however, the longer the better. Finally, top up with a bottle of soda water and garnish the glasses with basil or rosemary - and you're done.

A real berry bomb

In our second variant, lots of red berries meet bitter lemon: the berry punch impresses with a combination of orange, apple, mixed berries and pomegranate seeds. If you left it at that, it would even be pretty healthy. But it gets the real kick when bitter lemon, vodka and sparkling wine are added. It should even be left in the refrigerator for six hours before it becomes a real flavor explosion.

The exotic punch without alcohol

And at the end it becomes again a little "harmless", one can almost say: Our exotic punch comes namely completely without alcohol. But we promise: This does not detract from its taste! Strawberries, tangerines and peaches are mixed and infused with apple juice, water and grenadine syrup. With the latter but please be careful with the dosage: It quickly becomes too sweet. After two to three hours in the refrigerator, it is the perfect alternative for children who want to toast with the grown-ups or those who want to avoid alcohol.

In general, a punch bowl is a simple and, above all, quick recipe that tastes good to just about anyone. We hope you have fun making the recipes and, of course, especially enjoying them!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021 wishes you the whole team of the Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol!

PS: You can find the recipes here.