The digital vacation companion - in the Zugspitz Arena Bayern-Tirol

Loisl - Der Digitale Urlaubsbegleiter

"My name is Loisl and I will accompany you around the clock during your vacation. Just tell me what interests you. I will inform you about all suitable offers and activities in the region. My service is free and you are free to decide if and when you want to use my services."

Behind it is a progressive web app that offers comprehensive tourist information about the cross-border region - tailored to the interests and length of stay of the guest.  

When is the next bus from Grainau to Ehrwald? What's on in Lermoos tonight? What will the weather be like tomorrow? And which hiking tour would suit? If the guest wants answers, it was previously necessary to sift through numerous websites. Now it's more convenient: Whether on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, Loisl bundles the region's tourist information and displays it individually to the guest according to his or her specifications. "With the Loisl, we want to provide our guests with a vacation assistant," explains Alexandra Ertner-Albrecht, head of guest registration in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. "The vacation assistant brings together all the relevant information and offers for the Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol on one page. This allows us to inspire vacationers and show them our beautiful home."

Personalized inspiration from the digital vacation assistant

How does the guest get to Loisl? It's simple: after the binding booking of an accommodation, a welcome email follows, including a link to the service. The service is designed as a progressive web app, so to speak a program on the web that does not have to be loaded onto the end device. This means that no storage space is "wasted" on the guest's own device, and the app works on all devices, regardless of manufacturer and operating system.

The guest creates his personal account online, assigns a password and configures his profile. Various filters query his vacation interests. On this basis, the personalized vacation assistant can provide him with all the information about his stay in the Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol. Already two weeks before travel beginning the guest knows, what is going on in the period of its vacation in the region. If he wants, he can already create a personal watch list with activities so that he doesn't miss anything later on site. "In addition, with the Loisl you can also take a piece of vacation home with you. And when the guest comes back to us, his personalized assistant is already waiting for him!", Ertner-Albrecht is pleased.

The Loisach was the inspiration for the digital vacation companion

The use of Loisl is data protection compliant and voluntary; the guest does not have to follow the link in the welcome email. If he changes his mind, he can access zugspitze.com at a later date. The service is promoted in the context of a promotion project from the Interreg program Austria Bavaria, for the support of transnational co-operation - hence also its name: Loisl comes from the river flowing by all three regions of the Zugspitz arena Bavaria Tirol: the Loisach. It rises in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena and runs through the Zugspitz village of Grainau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen on its way toward the Isar.

By the way: If a guest has not received the invitation email for the Loisl, he can contact his host or order the download link on the website of the place of stay.