We bring the vacation home: Here is the winter edition of GRENZENLOS

The days are getting darker, the year is coming to an end. "Fortunately!", some of you will be thinking right now. Because the last few months have presented us all with great challenges. Nevertheless, we must not forget to dream during this time. And that is what we would like to invite you to do with this issue of our GRENZENLOS magazine: Let's dream together, of the past experiences and of all the adventures that are still ahead of us.
So in this issue, many pages revolve around the world on two boards: because in our Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol there are no less than seven different ski resorts. As it turns out, they are all quite rich in tradition and above all: diverse. Because from the longest blue run, the Blueline XXL, to the legendary Kandahar run, everyone will find their ideal route here. Even at night and floodlit, some of our spectacular ski slopes can be skied.

Manuel Peters | Milchstraße über dem Waxenstein

Discovering the night: from Zugspitze to Partenkirchen

If you prefer to use the late hours for enjoyment, you will be enchanted around the Zugspitze: our editor will take you stargazing in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena. There, professionals explain the most spectacular constellations of the northern hemisphere and how to photograph them most impressively. But the night is also a highlight down in the valley: On a night watchman's hike with Marie-Luise Bergler as the historical figure Anna, Partenkirchen shows itself from a completely different, even mythical side.

Fosenacht | Grainau | © Tourist-Information Grainau

In general, our Zugspitz Arena Bavaria-Tyrol is an area full of legends and traditions. This is also the case with Fosenacht, our carnival. Inseparably connected with it are, for example, the Venediger and Untersberger Mandl: We get to the bottom of the historical origin of the small-sized figures. We were also allowed to visit a traditional larva carver in his workshop: In detailed handwork he carves the traditional carnival masks of our region.

But not only at Fosenacht, all year round traditions and customs are lived in our region. These festivities are usually accompanied by native sounds: The Musikkapelle Grainau has even been around for 120 years. For their anniversary, they have recorded a CD that brings the popular melodies home to their fans and to everyone who misses the vacations with us

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We wish you a wonderful time with us!

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